Three questions to the operator Patrick Talty

What structural or functional features make your building successful?
Between having the newest technology and the diversity in entertainment spaces, clients are finding U.S. Bank Stadium has the wow-factor and venue capabilities they’re searching for to impress their guests on the local, regional, national and international level. SMG’s success in operating U.S. Bank Stadium lies in client and guest satisfaction and the ability to host diverse events throughout the facility.

If you had a wish, how would you modify or extend your facility?
Due to the diversity and large number of events we host, I would wish to have more back-of-house space to allow my team to service the building more efficiently.

What are the challenges facing the operation of sports and leisure facilities in the near future?
Events are always competing with other entertainment and outside factors for ticket sales. Providing ease in the overall event experience and creative, cutting-edge fan engagement will continue to be a challenge for facilities.