General Meeting of IAKS Switzerland in Luzern

This year’s General Meeting of IAKS Switzerland took place at the swissporarena stadium in Luzern on 4 April 2017. Its President Roger Gut welcomed the 30 members and Silke Bardenheuer as the representative of IAKS international.

There were the following activities in the last twelve months:

  • The 2016 General Meeting took place at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. It was followed by an explanation of sports facility development in Lausanne. The gathering was rounded off by a tour of the Olympic Museum.
  • A special highlight was the excursion of the IAKS Switzerland to Copenhagen. In his review drawing on pictures and anecdotes, Roger Gut explained the interesting things that the 16 participants were able to visit and experience. The report on the trip can be found on the homepage under “Events”.
  • An international Executive Board Meeting was held in Warsaw. This was where new agreements were signed by IAKS international and the sections.
  • In Frankfurt, representatives of IAKS Germany and IAKS Switzerland met with ÖISS, BISp and BASPO, the Austrian, German and Swiss institutes of sports science.
  • At the House of Sport in Ittigen, the seminar “Exercise in public spaces” with speakers from home and abroad was held with 74 people attending – a huge success. The talks can be retrieved on the homepage.


For the current year, IAKS Switzerland is planning the pilot staging of a so-called “basic seminar”, a visit to FSB and the IAKS Congress from 7 to 10 November 2017 in Cologne with a Swiss Evening on 8 November, and a lighting and acoustics seminar in November 2017.

Membership of the IAKS Switzerland very gratifyingly increased in 2016 to what is now 108 members despite a few departures. The annual accounts again closed with a profit and were unanimously approved along with the budget for 2017 and membership fees.

Markus Gutknecht of Jenzer + Partner AG and Martin Bühler of the St. Gallen sports department were unanimously elected new Executive Board members.

After the General Meeting, Christoph Brassel of the sports department of the Municipality of Lucerne reported on sports development in Lucerne and the history of the Allmend sports facilities.

After this, Pius Renggli guided the party through the football stadium. The swissporarena stadium is located on the site of the old Allmend stadium and provides space for a maximum of 17,000 spectators, divided into 14,000 standing and 3,000 seated spaces. Next to the football stadium are two blocks of flats and a building containing an indoor pool, dual-section sports hall, fitness park and shopping centre.

The programme came to a close with a tour of Allmend indoor pool facility guided by Beat Schlatter and Alex Roos. Comprising five different pools, the indoor pool facility offers a broad range of facilities for everyone from competitive swimmers to families with children.