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Open Sky: the new outdoor experience

Eiland von Maurik leisure park was looking for a multifunctional solution to boost entertainment quality for visitors to the fun pool and the planned swimming pool. Bright Buildings has designed a unique transparent indoor pool with an Open Sky retractable roof and Skywall movable walls.

In fine weather, the roof automatically slides open and admits sunshine, daylight and fresh air. The building’s transparent walls can also be raised, thus creating a flowing transition between indoor and outdoor activities. Bright Buildings was not only responsible for design, but also handled the realisation of the project for the almost 1,000m² complex.

Bright Buildings is your creative construction partner for tailor-­made building and interior solutions for indoor and outdoor activities under a single roof. We design and build transparent, dynamic buildings with retractable and lockable roofs and façades. In interaction with our team of architects, we prepare an affordable and perfect-fit strategy by resorting to standardised elements. Thanks to our production sites and construction experts, we can ensure the swift realisation of your construction project.

Bright Buildings offers unique, flexible and transparent constructions developed without outside assistance: the Open Sky® retractable roof and Skywall® movable wall.

For weather-independent swimming and fun pools, our transparent constructions can make the decisive difference between a poor and a successful season year after year – ­regardless of the weather!

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